Our Center


The Future of Long-Term and Post-Acute Care… Today

Located in a beautiful park-like setting in the Central Florida city of Tampa, Fairway Oaks Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality care and quality of life to customers with widely varying needs, abilities and limitations.

This commitment is not motivated by official rules and regulations. It comes from within, in keeping with our caring mission and the core values that guide our care and services. And the results are as clear as the smiles on the faces of the individuals and families who place their trust in us.

Fairway Oaks’ superior care and quality are also reflected by our receipt of the National Bronze Commitment to Quality Award from the American Healthcare Association and National Center for Assisted Living.

Our skilled nursing center offers long-term care, palliative care and respite care, in addition to short-term rehabilitation through our in-house Sigma Link rehab department.

Following an illness, trauma, surgery or other acute problem, Sigma Link provides a wide range of physical, occupational and speech therapies and treatment protocols, all tailored to each customer’s individual abilities, limitations, needs and objectives.

The lifestyle at Fairway Oaks is no less engaging and uplifting. Recreational activities are available seven days a week to keep residential customers active, entertained and stimulated both mentally and physically. Our fine dining program offers a truly enjoyable daily experience…from our breakfast bar featuring made-to-order omelets, waffles and fresh fruit, to our delightful choice of dinner selections. And when it comes to personal comfort and convenience, Fairway Oaks’ amenities are second to none, including oversize, spa-like shower areas, granite counter tops, cable television, Wi-Fi, telephone, housekeeping and laundry services. We’ve even added a new dedicated TV channel, loaded with information on daily activities, center highlights, upcoming events, menu choices and all things Fairway Oaks… all in the comfort of our customers’ own rooms.